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Have your eyes experienced trauma? At Eyekare Express, we offer eye care emergency services for chemical exposure, lacerations and foreign body removal. With evening and Saturday appointments available, we're here for you when eye care emergencies happen.

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  • Retinal imaging exams

  • Visual field testing

  • Dry eye treatment

  • Eye care emergency services

Additional eye care services:

Dr. Beck and his team of eye care professionals specialize in retinal imaging exams, which take pictures of the back of your eye and provide a more in depth analysis. They also offer vision field testing, which measures your peripheral vision.

Retinal imaging and field testing

Do you suffer from chronic dry eye, and over the counter medications just don't work for you? We offer a wide range of prescription medications, and test for underlying diseases that cause dry eyes.

Dry eye treatment

We're here for your eye care emergencies